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Brand and Messaging, Website Redesign

When We First Met

Wake Technical Community College is the largest community college in North Carolina, spanning six campuses and serving more than 66,000 students in and around Wake County. In spite of the College being hugely successful and providing tremendous value through its breadth of offerings, Wake Tech suffered from a public perception that did not match the College’s remarkable impact on its community.

What We Did

In order to better articulate the core essence of Wake Tech, VisionPoint identified five brand attributes that are central to the College’s identity: reputable, passionate, welcoming, high-quality, and most importantly, life-changing. While each one of these attributes speaks to a particular quality specific to Wake Tech, it was the concept of changing lives that was ever-present throughout every level of the College.

Together with Wake Tech, VisionPoint developed a brand story and visual mark (the Wake Tech torch) which symbolizes the life-changing journey experienced by students who attend Wake Tech. The torch isn’t just something they use while on campus, but something they carry for the rest of their lives. The education students receive at Wake Tech is the torch that lights their path, whatever that path may be.

Leveraging a phased approach, VisionPoint re-built the college’s website–a complete overhaul of the information architecture, visual design, coding and migration of all existing content into a new CMS. 


What We Achieved Together

The brand was formally unveiled during Wake Tech’s annual holiday party to emphatic cheers and applause from faculty and staff, students, corporate partners and other community members.

The college’s internal design team has passionately adopted the brand, applying it across a myriad of channels from the website to print publications to exterior signage and graphics.

The user experience of the new website accurately portrays the true Wake Tech experience, its culture and brand attributes. A new CMS made content publishing easier for internal content contributors and the overall web presence has revolutionized the public perception of Wake Tech, garnering comments like “I love it - it actually met my expectations, which were sky-high!”